“Henry’s skills as a mediator are outstanding. His ability to effectively communicate the strengths and weaknesses in both parties’ positions with the lawyers and, more importantly, the parties involved in the lawsuit was invaluable to getting the matter resolved. I would definitely recommend using Henry as a mediator.”

“There is no better ambassador for the value of mediation than Henry. He invests in understanding cases from both perspectives, and manages to remains impartial throughout the mediation process. More importantly, he works diligently to find creative solutions that not only settle matters, but provide both sides with a feeling of equity.”

“Henry is one of the best mediators in Santa Barbara for employment matters. Regardless of the type of claim or the personalities involved, Henry is able to find common ground with the people in the room. We nearly always resolve the case when Henry is mediating, but whether or not the case is resolves, my clients are consistently impressed with Henry’s skill, professionalism and dogged persistency.”

“My firm has used Henry on numerous occasions as an employment law mediator. Having practiced employment law himself, Henry quickly grasps the issues at the start of a mediation. His knowledge of employment law lets gets our mediations off to a quick start, allowing more time for negotiations. But knowledge of the law is never enough for a mediator; a good mediator must also be good with people and know how to push them toward resolution. Henry uses each of these skills with aplomb and to great success. I highly recommend his mediation services.”

“Henry brings to mediation a likeable demeanor, an understanding of the issues, and an unwavering commitment to helping the parties resolve their differences. He makes the parties feel at ease and sets the table for a ‘win-win’ outcome.”

“I had the opportunity to mediate a case with Mr. Bongiovi involving numerous parties and some rather complicated issues concerning contractual interpretation and damages. Mr. Bongiovi did an excellent job working on all sides, and stayed long after the appointed time in order to bring the matter to a resolution. I highly recommend that you use Mr. Bongiovi to help bring your cases to a close.”

“I have both litigated against and utilized the mediation services of Henry Bongiovi in complicated cases, including a wage and hour class action and various employment and business disputes. He has been very quick to grasp the issues and identify the strengths and weaknesses of those cases making resolutions possible. I highly recommend his services."

“Don’t let Henry Bongiovi’s low key and appealing personal nature fool you, he is an incredibly tenacious and determined mediator, dedicated to bringing the parties to agreement, even when it seems that nobody but Henry thinks that is possible.”

“I had had occasion to work with Henry as a mediator multiple times over the last decade and I do not recall a situation where he was unable to settle the case. He is tenacious and determined, but also creative and empathetic in finding solutions to seemingly intractable employment law cases. Henry is my short list of mediators and I have no reservations whatsoever about bringing any of my employment law cases before him to mediate.”

“Mr. Bongiovi is very sensitive to the emotions clients experience during the process, but is at the same time firm and effective in communicating the realities of the case to them. He is creative in his approach, patient, and committed to working tirelessly toward resolution.”

“Henry is always on our proposed list of mediators / arbitrators because when he serves as the neutral, no matter how the case resolves, we know our clients and our adversaries will have been treated fairly, with respect and they probably worked it out or received a well reasoned award.”

“Henry Bongiovi was the mediator in two of my personal injury cases. He was great with my clients and was able to bring the parties together, settling both cases.”

"I have worked with Henry first as opposing counsel and later as a mediator. I am always comfortable proposing Henry as mediator because of his even-handed approach to both plaintiffs and defendants. He is knowledgeable in many practice areas and is able to draw on his extensive litigation experience which often aids the parties in reaching a resolution."

“Thank you for your masterful handling of our mediation. Your combination skill, instinct, courage, and heart ensured a successful outcome in our emotional and difficult dispute. My client and I are very grateful,”

“Henry Bongiovi very quickly scheduled a mediation in a sensitive and highly disruptive dispute between my client and then-current employee. Bringing to bear a combination of persistence, patience, persuasion and understanding of the personal dynamics, he brought this difficult and highly emotional matter to a successful conclusion. I am pleased to recommend Mr. Bongiovi as a mediator.”

“I have been involved in many mediations and [Mr. Bongiovi] is one of the best.”

“Henry is an exceptional mediator. He has the technical knowledge to resolve highly complex cases and the interpersonal skills necessary for emotionally charged matters.”

References available upon request.